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Here’s the 625 words to know in your target language.

Learn the 625 most common words in any language to become fluent faster with the 625 Words to Know in Your Target Language Kit.

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What is the 625 Words to Know in Your Target Language Kit?

The 625 Words to Know in Your Target Language Kit is an all-inclusive digital pack that includes a comprehensive 625 word list PDF to help you create your own Anki flashcards according to the New York Times best selling book How to Learn Any Language Fast and Never Forget It by Gabriel Wyner.

This product is inspired by Fluent Forever’s 625 Word list which is not longer available. We’ve made changes and improvements to the original Fluent Forever 625 Words List as there is no longer customer support or updates. This is the product you need for learners who are looking to learn the first 625 words of a foreign language.

What is included?

“If you are a fan of Fluent Forever’s original method in the book, you’ll be pleasantly surprised with 625Words’ version which is 100 times more effective and useful!”


“A great option for those who want to learn the 625 most common words using Anki if you are looking for a DIY way to make flashcards.”


“Because the 625 Word List comes in a PDF, you can customize how to learn a language. It includes everything you need to learn vocab immediately.”


Start Learning vocabulary with the most common words used by natives.